• Feature
  • 10 Things About The Nintendo Switch


    Nintendo is releasing their new console, the Nintendo switch next year (previously codenamed NX) and it aims to bridge mobile and console gaming. The Switch gives players the option of playing the console at home or taking it on the go to play side by side with friends. When it comes to gaming Nintendo can […]

  • Tech
  • Facebook Virtual Reality – Guided Tours with 360-degree Viewing


    Are you ready for virtual reality on your favorite Social Media network? Facebook’s next update will allow you see crucial moments happening outside your POV. Publishers will be able to upload a 360-degree video, and feature and highlight points of interest to allow viewers to navigate around. You could also hit the auto mode and […]

  • Gear
  • AirBar – Enable Touch Screen on your Laptop for $49


    Are you missing out on the latest touch screen technology for your laptop? This is a technology that was announced a few years back, and it is finally in full production. For PC and Chromebook users, check out the AirBar. It creates an invisible light field on the surface of your display that makes it […]