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  • Rogue One Star Wars Gear List


    Rogue One has arrived in time for the Christmas Season meaning there is a lot of official licensed gear available. If you picked a Star Wars fan as your secret santa, check out this gear list to see what you should get them.   Gillette Rogue One Starting the day off with a fresh shave […]

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  • Mercedes-Benz’s Maybach 6 Concept is like a Batship for Batman


    If Batman suddenly changes his costume into red, the Batmobile or Batship he would drive would proably be Mercedes-Benz’s latest Maybach concept. The German luxury car brand teases us with its 6th iteration of the Maybach concept. The coolest things perhaps in this rendered artwork is the interior display of the vehicle. The car stretches six […]

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  • Ferrari’s Four-Seater GTC4 Lusso – Celebrating Excellence of Italian Luxury Cars

    Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

    Ferrari’s four-seater grand tourer, which runs on two Ferrari V8 engines, is now called the GTC4 Lusso. Aside from the name change, Ferrari adds more horsepower and a 4-wheel drive to this coupe’s steering system. Th specs of this Italian luxury model includes a 12-cylinder, 6.3-liter engine, and a power output of 680 hp! With air […]

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  • Tesla Model III aka Baby Tesla – Is the $35,000 electric self-driving car worth the wait?


    Followed by an announcement by Elon Musk on Twitter himself earlier last year, it was recently confirmed that at a special event at Telsa’s base in France. Tesla’s all-electric BMW 3 Series rival, the Model 3, will be revealed in March of this ye but Tesla won’t “show everything”.  The big question – is it worth it […]