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  • Berlin’s Blend of History and Comptempary Designs


    Throughout my travels home through Berlin for a 24 hour stay, I was able to truly appreciate what the city has the offer, predominantly through its history and modern contemporary architecture. Here are my paranomic views of my two favourite locations of the city, which without a doubt proves Berlin an important city to visit […]

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  • The Hong Kong Connection

    The Hong Kong Connection

    During my formative years as a child, I grew up in Hong Kong. While I am born in Canada, and lived in Canada most of my life (from coast to coast), I still regards Hong Kong being a second home (country-wise) to a certain extent. Both of my parents are born in Hong Kong, and […]

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  • Strolling through Toronto (The 6)

    Coronation Park

    I took a stroll through the 6 over the weekend and discovered a quiet, peaceful part in the core of Toronto downtown. Through the Coronation Park, overlooking Toronto Islands – Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport,  east of Liberty Village, there’s still parts of Toronto that commercialization hasn’t quite altered the city completely yet. While real […]

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  • San Francisco Trip Day 1 – Volkswagen Beetle Turbo to Golden Gate Bridge


    My first visit to San Francisco, California was greeted by a Volkswagen Beetle Turbo, which was my friend’s Clement’s rental. It was an eventful first 48 hours in Silicon Valley city, including a visit to the Temple bar, and then a few hours of sleep before we went to Nice Kicks for a sneaker release. […]

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  • New Years 2016 in Times Square New York City

    New Years 2016 in New York City Times Square

    First off, let me tell you how boring New Years in Vancouver is. Well, at least when I was a kid. From my childhood memory, I still recall trying to drive to Downtown Vancouver Robson street to find a count down timer to countdown to 2009. Failing to do so, I found a bunch of people gathering […]

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  • TRAVEL-NG – Next stop, Paris


    I’ve always been fascinated about Europe. After traveling across Italy, and Spain – I have to say it’s a big eye-opener for a Canadian-born Chinese. Aside from my love for gelato, pizza and pasta, there’s something fascinating about walking down the street on an early morning grabbing a cup of espresso and a croissant which […]