Kaiten Zushi Katsu Seibu – Spot for Quick and Fresh Sushi in Tokyo, Japan

Kaiten Zushi Katsu Seibu Shibuya

The self-proclaimed #1 sushi conveyor belt restaurant lived up to its hype.

While it was a bit difficult to find the restaurant which is in a big Japanese department store, this has to be one of my best conveyor belt sushi experiences ever! When you sit down, you have the option to order either by the tablet provided, or through picking up delicious items off the conveyor belt, my friend and I had specific preferences for sushi, so we opted for the tablet ordering option.

The food came very quick, the average turnaround was about 8 minutes for every order we inputted and the dishes range from 100-250 yen, pending the selection of sushi. We ordered a bunch of fresh selections including premium tuna, sea urchin, sweet shrimp and it was all very fresh! I really enjoyed the BBQ eel and it was a large piece of eel that they gave you.

Overall it was an enjoyable experience but be cautious about wait times (there are chairs set up for you to sit and I got a little annoyed when you had to play shuffle chairs). Staff were all courteous and I saw that they had country flags on their name tags to identify that they can speak foreign languages. Worth the visit for fresh sushi and will definitely go again!

Check out the photos below.