Berlin’s Blend of History and Comptempary Designs


Throughout my travels home through Berlin for a 24 hour stay, I was able to truly appreciate what the city has the offer, predominantly through its history and modern contemporary architecture. Here are my paranomic views of my two favourite locations of the city, which without a doubt proves Berlin an important city to visit in Europe whether you are into history or not. See below for two shots of my personally highly recommended spots to visit if you only have one day in Berlin.

Berlin Wall, 200m West of Check Point Charlie Not only does this represent a pivotal point of the end the World War 2, but the reminiscence of the Berlin Wall speaks greatly of the significance of what it means to have folks in the past risk their lives to pass between the two sides. The information panels below the wall also allows people to slowly disgest the vast amount of history lied below the walls.

The Reichstag Building from across the Spree CanalAs my friends and I were struggling to get into the popular tourist attractions, we gave up in taking the train to Alexander Platz and ended up walking 45 minutes to the Jewish Memorial Musuem. Along our track, we found stairs that led us right by the Sphree Canal and also a magnificent view of the rear view of the Reichstag Building, a view most tourists would have missed if we took the train. The tranquility we experienced while slowly immersing ourselves with the great views was truly breathtaking.

Immersion of these panoramic photos really captures my memory deeply when I see them again. Share me your favorite panoramic photos by emailing me, and let me know what it means to you and I will share it on my post.