Supreme x Louis Vuitton 2017 Fall/Winter 


The collaborating has finally released and it is regarded as a breakthrough in streetwear as we see Supreme’s latest collaborative collection with Louis Vuitton hit the internet with plenty of noise over its initial appearance at Paris Fashion Week. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of unhappy Supreme fans about this collection so I wouldn’t say it’s the most successful collaboration to date. Until the highly priced products it the shelves, it is hard to say whether it is a step forward or backwards for street culture. Photos below.

Discussion Question:

What are your honest thoughts about this collection?

Favourite Comment:

by Blackkraut

Now old ladies can wear Supreme that is LV. Now all the collections that you hardcore dedicated supreme fans have spent years cultivating is worthless. The rich have a Supreme LV steamer and briefcase. Your lil tee shirts and hoodies aint shit now. They shit on everything you collected because of a few pieces you will never afford. LV has fooled supreme into selling out their hardcore fans.