Snapchat Spectacles


Snapchat has always been about sharing your POV with friends and with the new Snapchat Spectacles, users can literally share what they are seeing via the funky glasses. The glasses will record in 10 second intervals and will upload directly to your snapchat account.


Besides the styling of the Spectacles the controls are simple with a button on the left side that when pressed will record. LED lights will illuminate on the frame to let your friends know that you are snapping. The case that it comes with doubles as the charging platform.


The Spectacles retail for $129 but trying to buy them in person is a bit of a challenge. There is only on Snap store in New York that is currently selling them. People that are not in New York will have to wait for a Snapbot to pop up in their neighbourhood. These are vending machines where spectacles can be purchased and based on social media, come with long lines whenever they pop up. From the design of the Spectacles to the marketing and the distribution, Snapchat’s Spectacles have stayed true to its minimalistic design that is catered to the younger market.