Pokémon Sun and Moon – New take on the Pokémon Formula


Pokémon Sun and Moon has just been released, marking the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon series. Undoubtedly Nintendo has made the biggest changes to the series in this edition, making for more intuitive gameplay.

Aloha Region


Traditionally Pokémon gameplay has been fixed with trainers battling Pokémon and progressing from gym to gym to complete the game. In Sun and Moon trainers complete Island challenge trials which range from finding items, helping characters to even dancing! This keeps trainers on their toes because they never know what is around the corner or what they will be doing next. After completing the Island challenge, trainers fight Totem Pokémon which are powerful and can summon ally Pokémon to fight alongside them. Before moving onto the next island there is a grand trial against the Island Hakuna. This new gameplay progression is an inventive take on the Pokémon formula and makes for a more immersive experience!



In keeping with making gameplay more streamlined, Pokerides now replace the HM system. Trainers can now summon Pokémon that can fly or smash through rocks making exploring much easier and less cumbersome.

Poke Refresh


After battles, Trainers can use the Poke Refresh functions to feed and remove status conditions. This means Pokémon can be fed and cleaned to be more affectionate at the same time.

New Battle Screen


Unless you were a hardcore Pokémon fan, it wasn’t second nature knowing which attack was super effective all of the time. Nintendo has made the battle screen more user friendly with status cues letting trainers know which attack is most effective in each scenario. Moreover Pokémon have the option of using Z moves which are powerful attacks that can be only used once per battle. In order to do this trainers need a Z ring and their corresponding Pokémon need a Z crystal.

Pokémon Sun and Moon has revamped old features and introduces new ones as well. New trainers will be able to pick up the game quicker and longtime fans will find gameplay more instinctive. Being the very best and catching them all has never been easier!