OSVR now on Steam


OSVR (Open Source Virtual Reality) is now on Steam along with VR compatible games. If gamers wanted to play VR, they were limited by 3 main headsets, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift. This meant headset specific titles with no cross compatibility. Now that OSVR is on steam and has released an $200 at cost development headset, anybody can create VR games and easily distribute it on Steam.


OSVR is backed by several tech companies that include Razor and Intel. Razor is funding a $5 million dollar VR fund that is accepting application from all developers to make compelling VR content. Seeing companies support an open market approach as opposed to limiting their content to their platforms is awesome to see. It can be expected that if OSVR becomes a hit, Razor will then sell their controller peripherals to go alongside it. Companies are embracing innovation and open source content and this means many more options for gamers to choose from!