How to get a $40/6GB LTE Phone Plan with Freedom Mobile


Shaw owned Wind Mobile has just been rebranded as Freedom mobile and will be launching their new LTE network in central Toronto and Vancouver on Nov 27. Wind first launched in 2009 but was crippled with the stigma of having terrible network coverage. (A friend of mine with Wind has told me that she had to always borrow a friend’s phone to text message on top of SFU Mountain due to no signal). Freedom mobile will continue to roll out LTE coverage until completion in Fall 2017, meaning there is serious competition against the big 3 (Telus, Rogers and Bell).

Along with their rebranding, Freedom Mobile is offering a $45 monthly plan that has 3gb data complete with 3gb bonus through to Jan 31 2018. Included is unlimited global text, unlimited Canada/US picture and video texting, caller ID, voicemail and no overage charges, only data speed will be reduced. Until Nov 30 there is even a promotion that lets you pay $40 monthly for 12 months!

Lineup of eager customers at Fido Metrotown

The Canada cellular service market has desperately needed competition and this is evident with Telus owned Public mobile offering a $38 monthly plan for 2gb and Fido’s promotion that closed on Nov 21 offering $40 monthly for 4gb. This can only mean that cellular providers will be making their plans cheaper and more accessible which is good news for Canadian consumers.