The Ultimate Sneaker Show in Montreal


This weekend on Saturday October 29th in Montreal, at the Plaza Centre-Ville, Sole Exchange Canada will be landing in Montreal for its second show in the city. Sole Exchange Canada is an event where sneaker, fashion, and art culture is displayed and to be bought or sold. From indie vendors to established brands, Sole Exchange Canada’s goal is to bring all of these people together to host one amazing trade show. If you’re still unsure of whether you want to go or not, continue reading for a few reasons you should go.


This event will allow you to browse various vending tables that will be selling sneakers, clothing, accessories, art, and much more. As mentioned, the theme around Sole Exchange Canada is sneakers, so you can expect a lot of sneaker and sneaker related items at the event as well as raffles, giveaways, etc… while meeting new people. I always say that “the beauty of the sneaker culture is that anyone from any background can buy and wear sneakers.” There’s a sense of community that arises when somebody random that you’ve never met before tells you, “Hey, nice kicks! Where’d you get those?” So even if you are not buying or selling anything, Sole Exchange Canada is also a spot where you can network and meet fellow sneakerheads.


If you’re still wondering what to expect. Sole Exchange Canada has been showcasing the incoming vendors and participants coming from various cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Montreal along with a special guest, Jumpman Bostic, from Detroit. Expect the homies from The Brag Affair to be in attendance. Rounding out the special guests will be sneaker queen Cherry Pie and young gun Alex Lancry. The event will be hosted by Yonge Jaffy and Hello Cookie with music provided by DJ Jericho. This is one sneaker event you do not want to miss!


Check out this video of last year’s Sole Exchange event in Montreal:

See you guys there!