10 Things About The Nintendo Switch


Nintendo is releasing their new console, the Nintendo switch next year (previously codenamed NX) and it aims to bridge mobile and console gaming. The Switch gives players the option of playing the console at home or taking it on the go to play side by side with friends. When it comes to gaming Nintendo can be counted on for innovation and with the Switch, Nintendo certainly delivers. Here are 10 things you need to know about the Nintendo Switch.

It’s a console that can be handheld

  • The main console is an LCD screen that has the dual function of being used at home or portably. When docked the gameplay outputs from the LCD screen onto your TV, however when undocked the two Joy-Con controllers lock onto each side of the console. It comes with a kickstand that allows the console to stand upright on its own and also has a headphone port at the top if you want to play in a library.

2. Docking station for home

  • At home you can slide the Switch into the docking station which projects the screen from the console LCD screen onto your TV and frees the Joy- Con Controllers to be slid onto the Joy-Con grip. The dock doesn’t provide any additional functionality but it does charge and provide power to the console.

3. Joy-Con Controllers

  • The Joy-Con Controllers are what players use to control the console and they can be detached from the Switch when used portably to allow for one or two players.

4. The games are played via cartridges

  • Players insert cartridges called Game Cards to load games into the switch. Cartridges use less battery power than discs which increases battery life while being quieter as well.

5. First console ever to be powered by Nvidia

  • The Nvidia Tegra processor is capable of running 1080p at 60fps and was designed specifically for the Switch with gaming and mobile use in mind.


6. LAN parties

  • Two switches can be played against each other for 4 players which is reminiscent of childhood LAN parties and the joys of playing side by side with friends.

7. Confirmed Nintendo Powerhouse games


  • Confirmed games that will be released include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart Switch, Splatoon Switch and Sonic 2017.


8. Hardcore fans can rest easy


  • A gamecube-esqe controller called the Switch Pro Controller will be available as an accessory. Sporting bigger face buttons and a dpad, this controller is a must buy for hardcore Smash fans.


9. Amiibos

  • The trailer had a shot of Nintendo’s Amiibos next to the Switch and Nintendo has confirmed that games that have Amiibo compatibility will definitely work on the Switch.

10. You’ll have to wait until after Christmas

  • The Switch is expected to drop next year in March 2017.

The Nintendo Switch is challenging the concept of the console as a home entertainment system and with a partnership with Apple to create Super Mario Run, demonstrates that Nintendo has its eyes set on the mobile gaming market. Now we just need the Switch to have Pokemon Go!