Mensho Tokyo Ramen in San Francisco – Best Bowl of Ramen in the West Coast


During my visit in San Francisco, I realized that this is truly a city for foodies. I have been discovering more and more good eats on a daily basis but this ramen spot I visited last night was incredible. Recommended by Carolyn, a qualified foodie from Vancouver, she even spent her last night in San Francisco lining up for two hours to eat here. My friend Bryan and I waited two full hours for three bowls of Ramen from Mensho Tokyo. Here’s how it went down and read more to be convinced it is worth the wait.

Mensho Tokyo Ramen opened exactly three weeks ago, February 6, 2016. Mensho Tokyo is one of Japan’s most popular ramen spots, and San Francisco is its first attempt in North America. I spoke to Abram during my visit, where he told me that the owner has a total of 8 ramen bars in Tokyo, and each of them has its unique menu including Mensho Tokyo so this is not your typical franchise. The two-hour wait was a bit long, but I occasionally chatted with ramen lovers in line, and kept myself occupied.


Behind the window is a view of what’s going on inside the kitchen. With the amount of customers they serve everyday, you can see the ramen chefs inside are working extremely hard to craft your bowl of yummy ramen.


This is the Vegan Tantanmen which is the one I ordered. It is flavourful, rich, creamy, and has an appropriate amount of spice. I recommend adding a piece of chasu if you want add meat to go along with it. The beans and ingredients in this bowl of ramen is going to hit all the right spots taste buds. I highly recommend this – with chasu!

mensho-tokyo-ramen-best-ramen-in-the-west-coast-3 mensho-tokyo-ramen-best-ramen-in-the-west-coast-4

The above is the Tori Paitan ramen. It is an extremely rich (same richness as the Vegan Tantan), creamy chicken soup, pork chashu, duck chashu, menma, kale, burdock, katsuobushi sauce. Go with the double chashu! It is totally worth it.
mensho-tokyo-ramen-best-ramen-in-the-west-coast-5They have a unique oyster appetizer which is quite special. I am unsure about how they prepare it but it is dry, with a strong soy flavour.mensho-tokyo-ramen-best-ramen-in-the-west-coast-6Another photo of the Tori Paitan ramen. Notice the medium rare kale. mensho-tokyo-ramen-best-ramen-in-the-west-coast-8 mensho-tokyo-ramen-best-ramen-in-the-west-coast-9

Now… this is our third bowl of ramen. After we finished our first bowl, we wanted to go for the full Mensho Tokyo Ramen experience and try their Organic Shoyu ramen. My friend said it was a bit too salty for him, but I managed to finish the whole bowl. Utilizing organic ingredients including organic chicken for their broth, this ramen is extremely flavourful, with a strong undercurrent of bonito and seaweed. I enjoyed every second of it because it was not as strong as the other two bowls, and I felt that the balance in the broth was perfect.


The hype for this ramen shop is not going to slow down anytime, because of the quality of the ramen it offers. After having lived in Vancouver for more than half my life, and have visited Tokyo and had authentic ramen, I can say that the Organic Shoyu flavour in Mensho Tokyo this is the best bowl of ramen I have ever had in the West Coast of North America.


Mensho Tokyo
672 Geary St
San Francisco, CA 94102
Open daily, except Mondays from 5:00pm-11:30pm.
(I recommend you going to line up before the ramen shop opens at 4:45pm)