San Francisco Trip Day 1 – Volkswagen Beetle Turbo to Golden Gate Bridge


My first visit to San Francisco, California was greeted by a Volkswagen Beetle Turbo, which was my friend’s Clement’s rental. It was an eventful first 48 hours in Silicon Valley city, including a visit to the Temple bar, and then a few hours of sleep before we went to Nice Kicks for a sneaker release. The day was packed with a full San Francisco adventure as we were guided by Bryan, who has been working around the area for a few months. Let the adventures begin, with a Turbo-charged Beetle!


The VW Beetle used to be one of my favorite cars as a kid – but I ended up getting the Mini Cooper as my first vehicle. The new VW Beetle is quite spacious, and the exterior looks quite sexy.


Paparazzi shot of Clement, who is operating with very little sleep. He’s been in the sneaker game for quite some time, and informed me about the 7AM arrival time at Nice Kicks, which was where we were for about 4 hours. Another post will talk about the shoes we got.


Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge feels pretty epic for the first time. It sure beats passing the Lion’s Gate bridge in Vancouver. Vast views of the ocean, smooth driving across the bridge in our VW Beetle Turbo, and pedestrian enjoying the sunshine walking across the bridge added to the “chill factor” of SFO.


A full view of the bridge. Digging the colour – it actually matches our rental Volkswagen!


Bryan and I in front the bridge. He took us to the secret look out. Well, it’s not really a secret but go on Google Maps and search for “Battery Spencer”, and you won’t regret about parking your car there and walking a few minutes up the fort. It features one of the greatest panoramic views of Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.


My¬†“Post card” worthy shot of the day of the bridge and ocean.


So what’s nice about San Francisco so far? – Everything. I can’t believe how beautiful this part of California is. The weather, the scenic views, the hippie-laid-back atmosphere, and everything about how technology start-ups have been striving in Silicon Valley was something that I always wanted to understand more – and this is the beginning. I’ve been to LAX, and so far, SFO has been even more chill. More posts to come including our epic food adventures, so stay tuned.