Kinton Ramen – Meet YUSHIN the Young Ramen Master

Kinton Ramen Toronto North York

After starving myself on a cold winter night in Toronto, I decided to treat myself to a nice bowl of ramen. I looked around for options and Kinton stood up because of the Spicy Garlic Pork Belly noodles they offer.

This is an epic bowl of ramen, choose thick noodles and regular broth. Also, add sweet corn. You won’t regret it. The taste is amazing and they do a great job of the Pork Belly. It’s not too fatty, as they are flamed individually. It’s also a large piece compared to other ramen spots I’ve tried across Canada. The spice could of been more. The garlic taste was particularly strong but if you love garlic it’s perfect! Make sure you mix it well with your soup to get the full flavour.

As seen above, I got the combo that came with Japanese Oyomaki Octopus Balls which was truly tastey.

The head chef YUSHIN is a young ramen master, and he made my day recently at Kinton Ramen at North York. We spoke about Japan and his work ethic was quite intense. He would be bowling noodles, flaming pork belly, and putting dishes to wash all at the same time!

As seen below at the photos, he enjoys his job greatly and loves making ramen!
Do you like ramen? What are you waiting for! Check out Kinton Ramen.

What is your favorite ramen restaurant and why?

Address: 5165 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M2N

Price per person: $15