J. Cole’s Forest Hills Drive Live Illustrates How Hip-Hop Can Be Emotional



It has been awhile when I have heard good hip-hop. Hip-hop at it’s finest is emotional, raw, and it can connect with you in a whole different level. They are instant classics, the Blueprints, Illmatic, Chronic, So Far Gone, the list goes on. Often times, the best songs off a hip-hop album only gets played infrequently, but they are usually the best songs. Forest Hills Drive was a great album that J.Cole dropped, which didn’t gain that much radio play but is an instant classic. I can’t believe this dropped out of nowhere. Sure, Yeezy and Drake might be around the corner dropping their albums in February, but until then, brace yourself on a journey to Cole World. Listen below Forest Hills Drives – recorded live from Fayetteville, NC.

Hip-hop can be emotional too, you know?