TRAVEL-NG – Next stop, Paris


I’ve always been fascinated about Europe. After traveling across Italy, and Spain – I have to say it’s a big eye-opener for a Canadian-born Chinese. Aside from my love for gelato, pizza and pasta, there’s something fascinating about walking down the street on an early morning grabbing a cup of espresso and a croissant which is ritualistic – and hence I still follow a similar routine living in Montreal.

I have to admit New York City is one of my favourite cities in North America – but I wouldn’t live there. Driving into downtown is a bitch – and Chinatown is gross. However, Time Square, Madison Square Garden, World Trade Centre Tribute Towers are pretty dope. Perhaps, I’ll be spending more time in NYC considering I live only 6 hour away from the city.

I’ve identified my one of my next travel destinations to be Paris once I figure this French language out – I am improving – slowly and surely. Paris being proclaimed as one of the most romantic places on Earth – is definitely a must-go. And heck, I love fireworks, and I heard there are Eiffel Tower fireworks from time to time.

Peep the video on the comparisons between NYC and Paris. It’s fascinating to say the least.

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  1. “Pont Alexandre III” and “Les Invalides”, I miss Paris 😭

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