Let’s have a Toast….

Screenshot 2015-08-30 23.02.22

To nothing, or maybe to re-start this so-called personal lifestyle journal that I’ve been so lazy to touch on.

It was since March of last year that I had a blog post. And I realized I was long over due for another entry. But I couldn’t.

I think the writer’s block hit me. I literally haven’t produced originally material, wrote anything too meaningful other than my private DayOne App.

2015, and my 25th year in life has been crazy. And let’s try to recap what really happened over the last 18 months….

Who knows, I might disappear for another 12 months, but for now, let’s get this popping.

By the way, I am in Toronto for the long weekend. Kicking it off Downtown for a Bronado reunion.

Yours Truly,


Screenshot 2015-08-30 23.02.22

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