REASON-NG: Why SMU Dominates Enactus Canada Atlantic Regionals


For those that don’t know, Enactus is the new SIFE. I have participated as a volunteer and working with the tech team along with the projects: Accessibility and Speak Up! Here’s more on SMU Enactus.

“Saint Mary’s Enactus took first place in two of three categories at last week’s regionals and placed second in the third category. Now all three teams will advance to Nationals! In addition, Sobey School marketing student Victoria Blue was named HSBC Woman Leader of Tomorrow Award for Atlantic Canada.” – SMU Enactus Communications

Here are some reasons why Saint Mary’s University dominates in Enactus with photos as proof!

Reason #1  Our Fearless Coaches aka Passionate Faculty Advisors

(Left to right: Michael, Lianne, and Jason)

These are amazing folks. Michael, who was my professor last semester delivers the most hilarious lectures in SMU. Lianne, Queen of Social Media and Project Management (she even lend me a book on check-lists!), and Jason, my mentor and friend who always provides sound and valuable advice.) Sidebar, they won Faculty Advisors of the Year for Enactus last year!




Serious, and….


Shocking (dynamic).

Reason #2 – 4 out of 5  of us are Attractive or Good-looking (and all of us are friendly, caring and approachable)



Shout out to Shivam from India!


Progress in the Park team, some of the hardest working people I’ve met in SMU.

Reason #3 Our students are actually business leaders or entrepreneurs (fits exactly to Enactus Canada’s definition of a community of student, academic and business leaders enabling progress through entrepreneurial action)



I am sure we can all come up with more reasons. If you got a good or funny one, leave a comment below.

For those heading to Nationals Enactus Competition, see you in Calgary!



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