INVITE-NG: Jumpsmokers from Chicago (Halifax)


My friend Cameron and Daniel have recently started a non profit music label. They have a deal on the table to help one of our artists get their first opportunity to play in Halifax, and are trying to sell tickets for this event.

I was personally invited to this event, so I am inviting it to you all as well. Contact Cameron for tickets at 902-403-029. More on their non profit music label project after the jump.

Illuminati Music Group is a non profit music label that is dedicated to helping young local musicians succeed in the music industry. We believe that success is defined by the artist, whether that be money, exposure, or realizing thier full artist potential, Illuminati Music Group’s team of dedicated young professionals are willing and able to help our artists in anyway possible. The classic business model in the music industry is dead. While music consumption is at an all time high record sales are at record lows. At a macro level the music business is in a time of experimentation and convention breaking. Whether it be Radiohead’s ‘pay what you want’ release of In Rainbows, west coast emcee Nipsey Hussle releasing the first $100 mixtape, Jay-Z’s game changing deal with Samsung, or Beyonce’s infamous no promo release of her 5th self titled album, we can see high profile examples of artists trying to find the new business models for the industry. Illuminati Music Group is riding this recent wave of innovation with our non-profit business model. We place a strong emphasis on artist development and teach our artists the skills and good practices to achieve success independently when the time comes for us to part ways.

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